Both the girls are immune and have not been infected by HBV.

I can’t begin to describe to you the relief I feel now. There is no more sickening feeling than living with the guilt of having somehow infected your own children with a disease. My mother, the poor woman, called last night and in tears, told me it was her fault for having given me a virus. Now I cannot wait to tell her that the Trail of the Rampaging HBV is ending with my sister and me.

Since Monday, which was when the girls got their blood taken, I’d been biting my nails to the flesh thinking the worst. And then just 15 minutes ago, my paeditrician called, the dear lady, and informed me that Rae and Sky are both clear and that the immunizations and neutralisers given to both of them at birth and after had all worked. After thanking her profusely for the news, I hung up and proceeded to fall apart with joy.

All I can say is that it feels facking good to know that once and for all, this virus, which had been passed along from my mom’s family for God knows how many generations, is going to the grave with my sis and me. I hope that whatever children my sister decides to have in the future will be saved from it as well.

For the first time in weeks after I’d learnt of my condition, I am more than hopeful. I am positive that at least now all I have to deal with, as far as this disease is concerned, is myself.

And that is fine with me.