Dear Mr Al Gore

Firstly, let me just say kudos on An Inconvenient Truth. It is an insightful piece which has given me nightmares. Although I’ve yet to watch it, I’ve seen the youtubes and the trailers and have queued the movie in my Netflix, just so you know I fully intend to watch it in due time. By the way, we The Tans would like to donate some snow to the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. Can we pick our own mountain? We’ve had two bouts (the second one happening right now) of snowfall and it’s all been a tad much even for our liking (and we do so love snow – here’s a picture of my little one, digging in)

Skyler eating more snow

BUT, like I said, we’ve had our fill, and would appreciate it if you could take some of it away and put some atop our chosen peak. While I have your attention, do you do condo management complaints too? Well, if you do, I’d like very much for you to have a word with ours. We were stood up yesterday at a supposedly critical board meeting, and not only were they not there, they had not even booked the venue! Imagine our shock (or my poor husband’s shock) arriving an all-but-open church hall? The minister said he knew of no such meeting and the hall had not been booked! Surely that is reason enough to evoke your wrath? If not, this would: They refused to sand our roads even tho they’ve all been iced over, and instead, told us to sand it ourselves! I know! Outrageous!

Well, said little one is up and calling for her milk. Toodles.

Yours respectfully,

ps. perhaps you could send us some sand for the roads in return for the snow? Just a thought!