Raeven has been going on a wedding spree these last few weeks, marrying her Barbies off to anyone and anything.

Just yesterday, her toy train proposed to a butt-naked Holiday Angel Barbie but for her left shoe, and they kissed and “now Barbie has a baby train!”.

Today, it’s apparently lesbian Barbie day. After breakfast, she sits in front of her toys, and declares Butt-Naked Holiday Angel Barbie and 12 Dancing Princess Genevieve to be dancing together and be positively in love.

Mid maple syrup-drenched pancake, I asked.

“What was that again?”

“Naked Barbie is a boy Barbie, so they are dancing together.”

She puts the two blondes together, plastic arms around each other, and giggles.

You had to be there. Especially you, daddy.