A good start to the week is always crucial.

Every Sunday night, I prepare myself for the week ahead by winding down the last few hours before midnight, vegging out on old movies or my books, after checking and rechecking what Rae’s school calendar is like, what my duties are for the school, make sure all my playdates are RSVPed (or declined, very nicely) and basically just so nothing goes so wrong as to piss me off so badly that the no amount of video games or junk food can cheer me up. When this happens, you’ll see me walk around with this smile on my face, you’ll think everything is fine and dandy, when all I’m thinking is how many ways I can kill Lokes for not telling me that he had dinner plans today until THIS MORNING and we have only ONE CAR to try and get both of us home at different times of the day, without resorting to public transport.

You can call me anal, but believe me, I am not bad at all.

Of course, we don’t live in Ideal World. Plans change. People forget. I can understand all that. But you know what? It used to piss me off a lot more a year ago than it does me today. And for not even making so much as a peep, I deserve Every Single Gift he has ever given me – and will give me in the future.