It wasn’t until a mom at my daughter’s preschool, who upon hearing me address my husband as ‘baby’, and then my daughter as ‘baby doll’, asked “you call both your husband and your daughter baby?”, did it occur to me that using the same term of endearment (‘baby’ for those of you who’ve missed your morning/lunch coffee) for two people I love very differently could be weird.

What may be weirder, is that I sometimes call my friends ‘babe’. Like, amacam, beb? Chunlah beb! Sempoi, beb! (slang Malaysian for ‘awesome’ and ‘cool’)

Is it that weird?

Of course, having been with someone for close to nine years, some shortcuts are allowed. These days, I call Lokes ‘bee’ and our exclusive, unique, totally bizarre ‘nniiinngg!’, which is actually a derivative of ‘darling’, believe it nor not, just truncated and said in a chillingly manja (Malaysian for lovey) manner.

I also call Skyler ‘poopy pie’. It has nothing to do with the fact that when she does poop, it’s enough to make a pie. I guess the sound of the word ‘poopy’ suits her. Does that make sense?

What inappropriate terms of endearment do you use on your loved ones? Cutey pie? Daddy cakes? Hunka chunka luv?

ps. On a totally different note, Stephen King and Tolkien are the only two authors I know who can spin a scene that could’ve taken two pages to tell, into friggin’ four chapters.

Don’t agree? Watch: