…without having to talk to, like, 21,000 people.

It was found the more children couples had, the worse their health and the more likely they were to die early.

Who the hell does not know that already? Do you really need to conduct a research to know these things for sure? I mean, just go to a park and talk to some moms. Better yet, read a mommy blog!

Kids stress you out. Stress shortens your life. And therefore, kids shorten your life! Simple logic.

But nooooo, we apparently neeeed to know these things, like, REAAALLLY know them. In case, you know, your husband or wife, or mother or more realistically, your mother-in-law, were to pester you to have another kid, you could perhaps whip out a printed (colour) copy of this piece of news from the Bey-bey-cey, and stick it in said relative’s face and go, “Now looky here. I think five is enough, ‘coz it ain’t good for my health. I just might keel over and die unexpectedly.”


But three is NOT too many. Three is good. Three is DA BOMB. Okay, baby?