So my husband sent me this youtube of Xiaxue‘s latest thing: her Girls Out Loud TV show, which reminds me more than a little of Nicole and Paris (were they going for that?).

And as I watched the videos, a couple of thoughts popped in my aunty brain:

1. If one wanted to get an idea of a country (and its citizens) using the Famous Bloggers comparison, Malaysia suddenly looks a whole lot smarter than Singapore. The evidence: Singapore’s most ‘femes’ blogger vs Malaysia’s most ‘femes’ blogger. If blogs are the media of choice in the new millennium, our (as in Malaysia’s) neighbours down south better find a more, ahem, serious rep. And maybe Jeff should put on a short skirt and some flashy wings. Where, pray, are all our hot bloggers?

2. God, please don’t let my girls turn out like this.

I think what MissIzzy should’ve said when they asked her about her accent was that if Wendy could dye her hair blonde, she could very well use a fake accent. Ros (the ‘Paris’ in this respect) was also ‘slanging’, and so was the host. Tsk. C’mon girls! Where’s the bite? Where’s the wit? Think on those pretty, pedicured toesies!

Sigh. What I wouldn’t give for a good cat fight.