Ooh, I got tagged by Karli, the Fabulous Balancing Juggling Mom on a Wire to participate in a Virtual Cocktail Party by telling you five things you might not know about me.

Hmm. I’m usually quite forthcoming about things. So these must be things I’ve somehow forgotten to mention the last 3.5 years, or have deliberately kept away from you, like:

1. how I used to have CRAZY dandruff and Lokes did too, but the moment we came to the States, it stopped! The only other times I stopped flaking was when I began taking folic acid when I was pregnant. The minute I popped and stopped, those pesky things came back. But now, I’ve not had one piece since a week after we landed in Washington. Isn’t that weird? Get rid of your dandruff! Move to the US!

2. how I still don’t know how to use chopsticks properly. Oh, I cross them obscenely like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. But they work, so who cares?

3. I am obsessed with buying stationeries and crafts. I love the smell of new paper. I love looking at the rows and rows of neatly arranged oil paints and brushes. I love love love the aisles and aisles of scrapbooking supplies, and beads of all shapes and sizes, and imagining THE POSSIBILITIES! Oh the beautiful, useless crap I will make!

When I discovered Ben Franklin (this huge crafts supermarket that sells beads and art supplies, yarn and knitting stuff, frames and canvases and easels, fake flowers and tailoring supplies – EVERYTHING UNDER THE SKY you can think of that you’d want to go nuts creative about. How come Malaysia does not have a store like this?!) and Joanne and Michaels, I just…thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It takes every ounce of my resolve every single time, to walk in and not just lie on the floor and make dust angels and then roll around a bit and kiss the ground and kiss the people who work there, and not spend all our money on craft supplies. It’s crazy.

4. I used to be a pretty good squash player. I mean, wore a short skirt, played for my school and everything.

5. I’m a great noodles cook. Anytime you guys wanna have chao mein, let me know. I’m also quite handy with pasta too.

Now, lemme see. I tag Sweetisu, Vien, Simmie, Pelf and Snooki!