2006 has got to be the most exciting, harrowing, saddest, happiest, most adventurous year in the last ten for us, if not 20, or at least for me.

Dec 15th marked Lokes’ one year anniversary here in the US, and Jan 15th will mark the girls’ and mine. It is strange how one year has just flown by, and yet, it feels as though we’ve been here forever.

I’m not one to take stock of life, you know, make a list of things I did or didn’t do, that sort of thing. I’m not even that good with resolution-making (never mind resolution-keeping). The last time I blogged about resolutions was back in 2005. Don’t ask me how many of those I’ve kept!

This is also the year where I’ve started to write creatively again, although I’m experiencing some sort of flux now within, on whether I should write more short stories or that novel that’s been on my mind for a while. I’ve started again a few days ago on a totally different thing. We’ll see how that goes. My resolution for 2007 will be to finish this one.


Another resolution would be to manage our finances better. Money is tight (when has it ever NOT been?) and we really need to control the spending a bit more.

There. I think two will suffice. For now.