Hi, my name is Jennifer Tai and it has been seven months and 26 days since my husband and I have had a date night.

We actually hired a babysitter tonight. Part of me wants to rejoice and dance in the rain (where IS the rain when you need it?). Part of me is shaking my head, scoldingly asking how I can leave my kids with a teenager. That part is convincing the part of me that wants to cancel the whole evening, to cancel the whole evening.

Wish me luck. Are there warning signs about a babysitter I should watch out for? I got this girl’s name from a mother’s group where we live…

UPDATE: So it all turned out, but what I really want to do is ask HOW DEVASTATINGLY SEXY IS THIS NEW DANIEL CRAIG BOND?! His bulging biceps. Ironboard stomach. That arrogant strut. The brutish man of few words, all action, little talk, shoot first, talk later. Marvellous version if you ask me, to kick off a long and successful Bond career. That scene where his balls get a little work? Both hilarious and magnificent (as my husband would cringingly agree).

And Eva Green, playing Vesper Lynd, was the perfect match. She talks and even I’d wanted to kiss her.

A real treat. Couldn’t have chosen a better movie for our first date night.