That’s me talking with my mouth full of things I’m supposed to be chewing.

I have…

  1. A story I’m supposed to finish for Xeus’ Dark City 2 compilation. I HAVE to make it. I’d abandoned my NaNoWriMo novel to do this. I HAVE to finish it.
  2. Empty walls to fill up with photos I’ve taken and a jigsaw I finished like half a year ago. I have a printer, I have the paper, I have Shutterfly to help me get out my larger prints. But frames are so friggin’ expensive! Anyone know where I can score some cheap frames here on the Eastside?
  3. Several crosstitch projects I’d somehow conned myself into buying, none of which I’ve started. I still think my time is my own. What a schmuck.
  4. My Norman Rockwell jigsaw is far from finished. My excuse was I needed a jigsaw table so I don’t have to keep packing it up each day. We got a makeshift mahjong table last week, so now I have NO excuse. Drat.
  5. Just bought a starter pack of beads to make earrings.
  6. Three Netflix movies to watch, all of which arrived yesterday.
  7. Presents to wrap.
  8. Two library books I have to finish reading in two days.
  9. And oh yea, two children to raise.


Can someone please tell me what is wrong with me?