I just discovered that URGE (Microsoft’s paid music service) has music videos! I was browsing through all – or at least quite a few of them – the albums I used to love as a child, and some of them are linked to their original music videos! I cannot believe it! So now I have this entire database of music videos I can watch over and over AND OVER again!!

To celebrate this windfall, I’m starting a new blog…thing. I will post three clues leading to a mystery ’80s music video. Guess it first and you win an exclusively customised, funky I love Bad ’80s Music Videos! logo for your blog sidebar! How cool is that?

Come, just look how awesome it is:

All those floating heads of ’80s music icons! You can’t just get this anywhere, you know? Now you HAVE to play!

Okay, so the three clues to this week’s Bad 80s Music Video are:

  • It features a revolving cartoon magnet somewhere in the middle. In fact, quite a bit of ‘high-tech’ 3-D graphics are featured in this video, in the form of workshop tools, like wrenches and so forth.
  • Ends with the singer playing with false teeth/dentures.
  • One hit wonder (maybe).

I told you it’s a Bad 80s Music Video! Now guess!

Here, show you the logo again:


ps. Answer posted following Friday, if nobody gets it.