So no school today because of all the snow (is this country great or what?). I was quite happy until I realised that Lokes still had to drive to work. Was a stressful 20-30 mins, waiting to hear if he’d somehow plowed into another car or a tree. Instead, the man called and ordered me to bundle the kids up so they could go play with the snow before the sun melted it all away.

What? Let the kids have fun? No way ‘hohoho say!!

But I did as bidded.

After 15 minutes of frolicky fun, we scurried back. I couldn’t feel my fingers (it was 26F!). Raeven had her hands in her pockets and that means something since she NEVER voluntarily keeps her hands to herself. And Skyler was trying to stuff fistfuls of snow into her mouth while yelling “ICE QUEEEM!!” despite my repeated protests, dirt sprinkles and grass flavour notwithstanding. That girl does not care as long as it’s cold.

Plus, we decorated our tree.

It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!