Now I’m from a so-called developing country but I know scores of people out there still think Malaysia as ‘third-world’, despite our twin jagungs and aspirations to pull tea in space. Usually, I take this in jest since I don’t really give two hoots because I think we do more often than not deserve to be called a few names such as third world or bodoh, but check this game out if you’re so inclined.

It’s another one of those free web-based Shockwave games, this time unsuccinctly called Third World Farmer. The cheek! It’s really a strategy sim instead of the RPG it reckons itself to be. You play a family of farmers in a poor, desolate country trying to eke a living farming a poor piece of land. You buy livestock, plant commodities, make improvements. Things like drought or famine or guerilla attacks, you know, fairly third-worldly occurences, happen. You’re assessed on a yearly basis on whether you make money. You build a school, a clinic, support a corrupt politician, so on and so forth.

There IS a slight RPG element to the game, as in you need also care for the family members. As with us third-worlders, we have to be taught to take medicine to stay alive, to go to school or to even make babies! Where would we be without the civilised hand of a, well in this case, casual gamer!

At the end of the game, when you win, you can click a link that brings you to a page with links of how you can make a difference to help eradicate poverty IN REAL LIFE, so I guess that makes everything better.

A simple game that teaches you some basic economics at best; some pretty eye candy at worst, if you ignore the silly name. Very nice to wile away those last minutes towards lunch break.

Give it a go


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