So Lokes and I decided late last night, after a lovely Thanksgiving dinner (ahem!) with Ross and Sharon, so stuffed full of turkey and mash and corn bread, that we would skip the sales after all. We had scanned the papers early yesterday, found some unbelievable deals, but rendered each still unworthy enough to wake up at ungodly hours for.

$3 for a 1GB SD card. $100 for a HP notebook. $1299 for a 42-inch plasma HDTV.

God, did we make a mistake? Too late! We’ve overslept our lazy fat arses through the year’s best deals! It’s 9.12am and I am curled up to finish my soon to be overdue Claire Messud!

Anyway, yesterday, I cooked my most ambitious meal in the…seven months I’ve started spending a lot more time in the kitchen, half by necessity. Herb-butter turkey with caramelised onion gravy, creamy garlic mash, corn bread, corn muffins, spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and grapes and stuffing. All from scratch (except the stuffing). Spent two whole days preparing. The turkey was delicious, albeit a little dry despite the 30-minutely bastings, and a little out of shape. Fortunately, Ross and Sharon were too hungry to mind, such lovely, unassuming people.

Not only were The Adamses the first people to officially pay us a visit at our new home, they were also the first grown-up company we’ve had since coming to the US, imagine that. At 8pm, we packed the kids off to bed and shared a scrumptious evening of wine and coffee, just chatting and indulging in much-missed civilised grown-up banter. It was absolutely wonderful.

I sound so sad.

Now if I can only get a sitter, Lokes and I could actually go out for a movie or to the theatre.


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