Took some time on this very cold and wet afternoon to walk around Duvall’s town center, which is of course, just a stroll down Main Street.

A walk through Duvall town is like a walk through a past that’s being sandwiched between the present and the future.

From the newer commercial developments (Hair! Nails! Safeway!), one quickly traverses from the ‘new’ Duvall into a much older one, evident from the quaint little shops (Antiques! Espresso! Books!). An old, out-of-business cafe, an antique store-cum-espresso bar, City Hall (“Duvall, a college town?” asks a pamphlet in the window. So that’s what’s going on…), a library, a book store, a quilt store, a gardening store, the Duvall Performing Arts center, a tavern, all on one side.

Across the street sit corresponding businesses. A Mexican deli, two more antique stores, a bistro, a couple more cafes, a toy shop, a wine store, the town’s Methodist church. A couple of gas stations and unfinished new developments mar an otherwise charming landscape, for Duvall is pretty, with the valley spreading out in front and residences nestled against a climbing hill. Beyond the Woodinville-Duvall bridge and past a few more businesses, the town gives way to more residences, all newly built, and hidden from view, is an elementary school and a Catholic church.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe we’re living here. Still don’t have any friends yet but I’m sure we’ll make some.

Duvall, floods and all, is truly a small town with real life.

We are very happy to be here.

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