Got this from Peach and Pearl.

Here’s mine:

  1. Theft :: Car
  2. Storage :: Box
  3. Pick :: Up
  4. Los Angeles :: Hispanic
  5. The one :: Jet Li
  6. Accent :: Blue
  7. Rivalry :: Sibling
  8. Process :: Spam
  9. Streets :: Clogged
  10. Museum :: Art

You know, LA and Hispanic, that really made me chuckle. LA was the first place I visited in the US and because my husband had not the time to plan our belated honeymoon, I did all the hotel bookings and what not online. And since we’re travelling on a budget, you can imagine what kind of places we ended up staying in.

Word of advice: Always choose the mid-range hotels, for those of you who are a little paranoid and country bumpkin and not the least bit traveled. If you see hotels ranging from $50 to $150 a night? Pay a little more than $90. Trust me. It’s well worth the peace of mind.

As to why ‘Hispanic’ appeared after LA, it’s because most of the motels we stayed in were in areas populated by a lot of Hispanics. It was also the first time in my life I’d ever met a Latin American in real life.

And why is Accent: Blue? I have no fudging idea.

Now you go.