I wrote my first – how shall I call it – romantic (?) scene.

Nothing sordid. I don’t think I did very well. It was awkward. For me. I’ve never been very good at describing sex (or the buildup, even) without sounding as though I’ve been coupling while swinging off vines the last ten years.

Hope it’s better for you than it was for me 

Here’s an excerpt:

And for the first time that day, fulfilling the vow, the vision, the dream Angie conjured and lived in her mind four years ago since she’d first laid eyes on Eric, they kissed. Unsure lips upon slightly opened mouth. The inexperienced, experimental flick of tongue upon the barely controlled push of teenage testosterones. Hot breath mixed with cold lips, tense from nerves.

Actually, that was the crux of that scene.

Way to excerpt, genius. Now who’s gonna actually read the whole damn thing?