The good news: I broke the 10,000th word mark.

The bad news: My supposed Mystery/Suspense novel has lurched, quite uncontrollably, into the dreaded Sweet Valley High-ish young adult romance fiction subgenre.

But it’s just the first Chapter, so there is still hope, one hopes, for salvation. Just hope it doesn’t end up in the young adult horror fiction subgenre a la Scream or some such nonsense. Don’t really know which is worse. You’d think I’d have control over this. Someone please plug a time machine into my writer’s brain so it will hurry the hell and GROW UP.

On a lighter note, I got my NaNoWrimo ’06 t-shirt today, woohoo! Really getting into it this year, aren’t we?

On an even more lighter note, Seattle is now second in the word race, having clocked in over a million words, second only to Elsewhere, England. I’m soooo proud! Go Seattle!