We finally signed on like 53 dotted lines today, giving away essentially half our savings to secure our dream home.

We should be clinking champagne glasses and having celebratory sex.

Suffice to say, we’re not.

In fact, just two hours ago, Lokes was seething mad and I, stunned speechless.

We discovered quite unpleasantly that our mortgage broker may have tricked us into choosing his loan program by first promising a lower monthly payment, and then dropping a bomb of a mortgage insurance on the day we sign our closing papers.

“The lender decided to raise your mortgage insurance by about $160. Today,” he called just when we were going to the bank to do the transfer.

Uh, why?

“I will find out for you, definitely. But to make up for it, I’m willing to pay you $1500 cash back or we could credit it out of your closing costs, just let me know which you prefer,” replied he, who had already informed the escrow company to do the credit even before calling us.

How did we know? The escrow company called us before he did, and gave us the final amount. An amount we knew was oddly around $1500 lower than estimated.

We went for the homeownership courses. We shopped and read and waited for nine months. For all the care we took, we still got ‘owned’.

Is there no avoiding these guys?

Somehow, I had expected such a thing to happen. When Loke’s face turned from eager anticipation to angry disappointment, I knew that the phone call bore the surprise I had waited for the last month.

After all, what did we expect? Here are two foreigners from God knows where, who talk funny, and have absolutely no experience buying a home in the US, and absolutely no one to turn to for advice!


Welp. We have definitely learnt our lesson. I just hope it’s one that won’t turn out to be too expensive.

It’s time to stop looking, people. You will sooner find Loch Ness than an honest salesman. When it comes to money, there’s just no escaping being conned.

Just know how much you are willing to be conned out of.



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