Yesterday, I caught Anderson Cooper’s The Killing Fields: Africa’s Misery, World’s Shame on CNN.

And did what anyone else watching would do: I cried for them, and cried at myself for not being able to do anything beyond donating the ten bucks.

I wanted to run out and join whatever mercy mission there was and take the first plane to Sudan. Me, of two little children she can hardly care for properly. Me, of zero useful skills beyond opening a can of beans.

Particularly wrenching was the part about how girls as young as three were raped so violently that they’ve lost basic bodily functions. And the fact that more than 80 infants die each day here.

Watch Lost Girls here.

What is Malaysia doing about this? We started sending aid two years ago.

What is the US doing, besides bringing their plight to the world? More than people give them credit for. And contrary to what people may think, plenty of Americans know this, and are doing more than donating money (yes, even George Clooney).

I’m no follower of political…er…stuff, but can someone explain to me why Americans are in Iraq and not in Sudan (this is a genuine question)? Between oppression and outright violence, keeping in mind that resources are limited, which is a more immediate cause to aid? And why shouldn’t it be that simple?

This reminds me of an episode of Boston Legal where a Sudanese emigrant sued the American government for not rescuing the Sudanese from the genocide – and won.

More on this episode – and about US involvement in Darfur – here.

As parents, we cannot help feeling first and foremost for the children. And since our primary responsibilities remain here with our own, there is really nothing more we can do than to give what we can.

To donate to the US fund for UNICEF to support its Emergency Programs in Sudan, click here.

Sorry for the early morning (or late night) dampener. Have a good rest of the weekend (or rest of the week).


ps. On an entirely different note, Mitch Albom describes the word ‘Mom’ in his latest book, for one more day:

A hum interrupted by an open mouth.”

Isn’t that cute?