Raeven has a cold. Again. Twice in three weeks.

I blame the kidney reflux. Because of it, she’s been on antibiotics for months and this is causing her to get all kinds of infections because her immune system is just not working on its own.  

Unless her condition is surgically corrected. And surgery is not a word that’s in our vocabulary. Not in this household because we are terrified of knives and drugs and anything that requires putting someone under. Especially when the someone is our four-year old daughter.

But I’ve read of a recent development. Seems simple enough. And yet. We’re just not comfortable thinking about putting Rae through it. Two doctors we’ve consulted with say most kids grow out of it. So we are giving her until next year before taking her off the Furadantin.

The choice: To keep her on antibiotics which she may grow a resistance against God knows when, hopefully NOT before she grows out of her condition; or come up with the money (if our insurance does not cover it) to go through with the procedure, which, of course, will bring with it all the possible risks associated with surgery.

I need a smoke.