Once upon a time, there was a little boat in the middle of a little river.

And Mommy and Daddy was in it.

They sailed down the river, and there was a Shark!

And Mommy and Daddy fell into the river, into the Shark’s pizza cake, because he was having his birthday party in the river.

The pizza cake was icky and gooey, and Mommy and Daddy got stuck in the cake.

And the Shark tried to eat them, because they were on his cake.

But Mommy and Daddy got out of the sticky pizza cake, and swam down the river and got back on the boat and they sailed away.

The End


by Raeven Tan


Life with you has, for the most part, been smooth-sailing. Sure, we have had our rocky – and sharky – moments, but we always manage to get unstuck and climb back into our relation’ship’, and move on.

For life without you, would be boatless, pizza-cakeless and sharkless – and that would be meaningless.

Happy 5th Anniversary, baby.


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