My old computer died in its sleep.

I gave it a break having worked it relentlessly for almost a month with nary a shut down. Without even saying goodbye, it simply refused to wake up the next day. A silent, final UP YOURS, YOU SLAVE DRIVING, BLOGGING, GAMING, EMAILING, SPREADSHEETING MANIAC!

For that, I’ve been compensated, rather generously, by an ever-eager-to-upgrade husband, with a new rig. Instead of just changing my dead mobo, he’s managed to somehow convince himself (I didn’t need any convincing) to switch my old Intel-ATI-Gigabyte setup to a 3500+ Athlon 64-bit chip, NVIDIA mobo, GeForce 7600GT piece of heaven.

What a betrayal.

That’s right. Give up on us, and we give up on you, beeyaawtch!