For over a month now, Lokes and I have been eating spinach salads almost daily.

And now this happens. And I found this out from a bistro lady in Duvall yesterday while ordering lunch. I’d wanted a spinach wrap. Imagine the look on my face, thinking about all the spinach we ate. And the two packs still in my fridge. Such a friggin’ waste.

I know, I know. I should be relieved we’re not in a hospital.

Still, I love spinach so, so much.

What is the world coming to that we can’t eat even spinach without dying? Pretty soon we’re just gonna be better off eating paper and wall plaster.

In other news, we were visiting the library yesterday. As usual, Rae makes a beeline for the computers.

“Remember, 15 minutes only if someone is waiting to use, okay?” I call out my gentle reminder.

To this, my dear four-year old replies cheerfully – and a little too loudly, “Okay mommy! You go look at your ADULT books! I will be at the kids’ corner!”

 Needless to say, I got more than a few alarmed looks and sniggers.


Does the library even have ‘adult’ books?