I got bored of going to the gym in the mornings and decided today that I would, instead, take a brisk walk through downtown Redmond, right at the crack of dawn.

And what did I have to motivate me?

A venti non-fat doubleshot latte from Starbucks.

No, not the one just a stone’s throw away from my complex.

Not the one two blocks away either.

Not the one two blocks away from THAT outlet.

But the one in Redmond Town Center, some two miles away.

I know, it’s ambitious, but you don’t know how much I value my freshly brewed caffeine, especially in the mornings. Even though I’m in coffee land where there are more espresso joints than there are bus stops so I don’t really need to walk THAT far. Thing is, I know that if I ever do wimp out, I can stop at a Starbucks (or Seattle’s Best Coffee or Tully’s) within the next five feet.

Ah, coffee and me. BFF.

ps. On a totally separate note, the seller of the house we wanted to buy in Duvall came back with a counter-offer and we had the house inspected today. Some very minor water damage in the garage which the inspector guy said to that the seller should remedy, or else. I’m not very keen on the ‘or else’ so I’m keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed.

pss. And WTF is with all the comments in my last post, huh? I craft out beautiful entries and I get like four miserable, “Aww shucks, that’s sweet”, and then something about my husband’s rekindling with Modern Talking gets a whopping 11 comments (well, two of them were mine, but still!!!). What is up with that? Friggin’ egg recipes and jinjang Joe posts getting more love than my lovingly written soul-searching pieces.

And for the record, until recently, my husband was listening to Regina Spektor, Madeline Peyroux, Snow Patrol and freakin Kings of Convenience, okay? To suddenly be assaulted by Back Street Boys and Modern Talking is traumatic. I felt betrayed, I tell you, betrayed!