So this past weekend was perhaps the most exciting ever for me (just for me!) since we came to the US.

We’ve put up an offer on a home!

No no, don’t get as excited as I am because the seller could very well reject our fat asses but I am so totally in love with the house that I’ve spent the last few nights doing nothing but lying in bed thinking about all the kinds of things I want to do to the house, both naughty and nice.


Since Lokes is ever the calm, composed MANly man who is all business-y about this house-buying nonsense, I’m allowed to titter around, this nervous wreck obsessing over if it will all work out (and if not I’m just going to bawl my eyes out). Never mind that school for Rae is starting today. If not for this home-buying thing, I would be tittering about school instead. Yes, I titter somewhat excessively.

Don’t want to say too much without jynxing it. But I will tell you this much: This lovely home is in Duvall. It’s a quaint little town, nestled against the side of a hill, that’s like almost a hundred years old (the town. I’m sure the hill is much older), overlooking a valley of lush and fertile farmland with cows and horses and other barnyard-type animals poorly-exposed Malaysians read about in Mother Goose rhymes. Duvall reminds me very much of Batu Gajah, my mom’s home town, much to Lokes’ chagrin.

“We’re going to be living in a kampung,” moans the city boy.

Well, to make up for it, he’s been allowed to look for a new set of wheels.

Plus I promised him the den in the new place.

The rest of the house, IS MINE.



Ps. I’ve also been looking for some write-from-home jobs to earn pocket money. Anyone need a semi-retired writer?