Amid the excitement of buying a home, we took off on Sunday to the Luther Burbank park in Mercer Island for a little fun in the sun.

As the weather grows colder, which it already is doing, we will see less and less of these sunny, dry days, so we’re really savouring them before autumn truly kicks in. At the same time, I’m glad the heat will go away soon. And autumn is definitely my favourite season of all.

Which reminds me I have to dry-clean our jackets and outer-wear, keep-you-from-freezing-your-hiney-off type things. They’ve been hanging on them doorway hooks for one whole season, imagine that. What can I say? I’m not the most organised of moms.

Okay, I’m not even close to average organised. And I don’t really care. I’m more the Gosh, gotta clean the darn jackets. Oh what the hell, let’s go to the park! kind.

Here’s a nice pic I took with my phone while lying under a tree.

Notice the sunlight on the leaves, some of them already browning?

I think fall is the most romantic season of all. It’s like the whole world is winding down and nature starts to shed its past, so life around you turns into a sepia-toned photograph.

Another one looking down at the waters of Lake Washington:

Here’s to a great fall, guys!