Because of the lingering hot weather, Rae and Sky had been sleeping in their undies.

And then Raeven caught a cold yesterday, which I’d thought was just a mild case of sniffles. That ended the no-jammies phase quickly. And by dinner time yesterday, it turned into a full fledge phlegm fest, which threw all our plans out of whack for the rest of this week. We had two playdates we had to cancel (and one of them ACTUALLY promised cake because we were celebrating a birthday!), plus tomorrow is also her new school term orientation.

Damn it.

Note to self: I’m the parent. I decide if the clothes stay on!

On top of NOT feeling even slightly miserable, she thinks her hoarse and cracked voice is ‘weird’.

“Mommy, do I sound weird to you?”

“You’re sick and you’ve got phlegm, Raeven. That’s why your voice is all hoarse,” I explained, mixing another round of Airborne Jr.


My four-year old bursts into a fit of giggles, and accidentally squirts Go-gurt onto the carpet. I let out a sigh and wet a towel.

“That’s silly, Mommy. You’re silly,” she giggled some more.

“I’m a Horse Girl,” she added, prolonging the fun.

“Oh no no no! I’m a UNICORN GIRL!”

Bubbly, hoarse, Go-gurt and phlegm-filled laughter fills the kitchen.

I wonder when I stopped liking getting sick like that.