Calling my husband’s office is quite an experience.

Now I usually call his mobile. In this day and age, there’s really no reason to call a land line except if you can’t get the person on his/her cell and have decided that you still want to bug the hell out of him/her by resorting to calling his/her home/office phone.

Today was my first time talking to a robot (if you don’t count my husband, who occasionally qualifies for that category).

“Please state the name of the person you wish to contact, at anytime…”

Wow, you can actually SPEAK to this robot.

“Loke Uei Tan.”

“Do you wish to speak to, WADE, BILL?”

What, no! Must be my strange accent.


“Please answer YES or NO. Do you wish to speak to WADE, BILL?”


“Okay, please repeat the name of the person you wish to contact, at anytime.”


“Please pick from the list of names. WADE, BILL. WAYNE, PHIL. WEI, TAN?”

Okay, was that Uei Tan? Gosh this is becoming annoying.

“I’m sorry. You did not pick a name. Let’s do this differently. Do you have the email alias of the person you wish to call? Please say YES or NO.”


“Great! Please spell his alias.”

I do so.

“Is the person you wish to call LOKE WEI TAN? Please say-”


“Great! Please wait a moment while I connect you!”

The phone rings once.

“Bee, I call you back.”

The phone goes dead.


I swear they make it annoying so you resort back to calling the cell.