Do you guys think I gave up?

Not a chance!

I’m 0.5kgs to 104 now, which was my post-Skyler weight, and have officially lost a little over 16lbs. Today is Day 29.

To be honest, I didn’t work out the last two days due to pre-planned activities, so I’d fully expected to have gained at least a pound due to all the food (had turkey wraps from Costco for dinner – delish!). Man, was I surprised when my weight continued to go down despite the lack of exercise. Guess that’s the difference between just dieting, and dieting and exercising.

I also decided to try this Green Tea extract thing I saw, also at Costco. Called Green Tea Fat Burner, it’s supposed to help curb your appetite and kickstart thermogenesis. Contains caffeine so I’ve had to cut back on coffee (started taking it yesterday). Let’s see how effective it is.