You know, the ones I blogged about a while ago?

I got into them, and walked around Seattle in them, all day, yesterday.

I even needed a belt! 

All the exercise, all the dieting. All worth it.

And my mom even called me after my sis told her about the weight I’d lost. Being overweight had been such a thorn at my side for so long that it’s become a family affair. You could cook an egg in my mom’s excitement (and relief).

So I went to the gym yesterday (told myself I can only miss a day a week) and found I’d lost another pound and a half, ladies, bringing the total lost today to 14.5lbs, at Day 18. That’s what, 7kgs?

I am doing it. I am fighting my fat!

It IS plateauing now and I need to perhaps lengthen my workout even more. Any suggestions, anyone? I’m now walking on the treadmill for 30 mins, staying in the weight lozz/cardio zone for about 20 mins. Then free weights and 15 mins of biking.

Three more kilos and I’m at my post Skyler weight. Ten more and I’m at my post Raeven weight!

I weighed 80kgs when I got married.

And 65kgs when I started writing.

Size 12 is about 58-60kgs?

Loooooong way to go!


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