Check this out.

From seven or so years playing MMOs, this is both crap and true.

If you’re a social idiot, you WILL actually learn to socialise better in an online world. You are shielded from prejudices and preconceived judgments. You can roleplay a better (and better-looking) person (male and/or female).

It’s like shuffling off your corporeal coil for a virtual one. The problem starts when real relationships form, but one can worry about them later.

But if you’re already a social butterfly, this kind of interaction only widens your circle of friends. You’d still prefer to go out and meet these guys in person, versus hiding out at home, in your undies, behind your screen name.

BTW, who’s playing Titan Quest now? Can this game be a bigger ripoff of Diablo II? No it cannot! Just some new graphics and a different theme!

Still fun though. I’m addicted.

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