For some time now, I have been using party cutlery with Skyler, my 21-month old.

You know, the cheap plasticky spoons and forks that you can buy for like three bucks a dozen?

A godsend, I tell ya.

You see, I discovered how ergonomically perfect they are about six months ago, purely by accident, through Panda Express, this American Chinese fast-food franchise, which in my humble opinion, is waaay overrated. You guys should really try Malaysian Chinese food. Now THAT, is Chinese cuisine.

Anyway, here’s one of them genius spoons:

Notice the narrow, thin end that widens and deepens just enough to hold solids AND liquids, TOGETHER, in just the right portions? To gently (yet firmly) poke into even the most stubborn of closed mouths without accidentally dropping scooped food?

And when said stubborn mouth DOES open to even the tiniest of cracks, you can nudge the whole thing in, to the disgust and despair of owner of said stubborn mouth?

Why did manufacturers of toddler cutleries not think of this? Instead, they make these retarded, small BLUNT cutesy spoons (in all the colours of the rainbow!) that don’t hold anything beyond a drop of mush. And worst of all, they aren’t any good against stubborn mouths!

After ‘discovering’ how well the party spoons worked, I went on a quest to look for more. And boy, was I glad to find that Kirkland Signature makes them, and in a more solid material too.

I do wish, though, that they sold spoons-only packs. Anyone need some nice ‘crystal’ forks and knives?

Economic (even free if you eat at places like Panda Express a lot – and are so cheapskate you don’t wanna fork out four bucks for cutlery!), functional, safe and dishwasher-friendly too.

What more can a mother ask for?