Found this free podcasting Mandarin Chinese learning program, by a European!

Ah the irony. A Chinese learning Mandarin from a European.

As a Malaysian Cantonese/Hakka Chinese, I speak mostly Cantonese and very little Mandarin, which is the official national language of countries like China, of course, Taiwan and Singapore. While many schools in Malaysia do teach it as a third language, many Chinese in Malaysia do not learn it officially, as in many do not read or write Chinese. Fortunately, this is quickly changing today.

Raeven and I have been spending our afternoons going through Mr Serge Melnyk‘s podcasts, which teach simple conversational Mandarin. You can also download (instead of streaming them/play them off the server) the full podcasts through MyPodder. Melnyk also has transcripts of the podcasts along with worksheets.

C’mon, let’s learn some Mandarin together!