For the first time since I’ve started blogging, that I know of, I’ve been tagged. And by none other than one of the bubbliest ladies I’ve ever known (who was tagged by the talented Ms Karli).

Okay, lemme see…

Five things in my freezer:
1. pork chops
2. various chicken parts
3. Breyer’s Double Churn Strawberry ice cream!!
4. bacon
5. ‘fresh’ parsley

Five things in my closet:
1) clothes
2) Skyler’s old sling
3) nice paper bags I don’t have the heart to throw away and don’t have the heart to use
4) sexy black dress with a black tie string at the back I’d wanted my husband to ‘lace me up’ to go dancing whenever, that I never got to wear because I got pregnant right after I made it and now can fit only one of my thighs through.
5) three-inch black stilletos that go with the black dress – can’t wear them now ‘coz the laws of physics won’t allow it.

Five things in my car:
1) baby wipes
2) diapers
3) box of Teddy Grahams mixed with Pepperidge Farm goldfishes
4) laundry basket full of emergency clothes and towels for when I can’t keep the kids out of the water even when we never plan to visit a beach on any given day
5) pouch of ‘hair management’ items. Rae has crazy long hair that just does not stay organised.

Five things in my purse:
1) notepad
2) more ‘hair management’ items
3) old receipts
4) old candy
5) baby nailclipper – yes, I’m disgusting. I have carpeting all over the house so I clip my kids’ nails when we go to the park because I don’t want to vacuum. Shoot me.

Five people I tag (to encourage you guys to WRITE MORE!):
1) Hazel
2) Adriene
3) Erna (have you done this? I know you’re busy but nemind)
4) Asther
5) Jenn