This week, my SPC for this month’s theme of Enclosed Spaces is be Trapped in Time.

I’m sure many, if not all, of us feel this way, always running, always living as though we’re running out of Time with our chores and lists and meetings. As a parent, I find it most challenging to slow down and just watch the kids grow up, which is ironic because they too, cannot seem to stop the rush to do so. One moment they’re on holding on to you for dear life, literally. The next, they’re bolting towards oncoming traffic.

I wish I could learn to slow down, free myself from the confines of Time, which are really tied to the confines of tolerance. Mess, unfinished tasks, the need to always be on top of things.

If I can learn to break away from these compulsions, I think I might be free to enjoy whatever Time is left to enjoy my children. And for them to enjoy me.