I just love to get my Boing2 feeds. They make me SO happy:

  • Boing2’s tech guru Xeni Jardin, who also writes for NPR, is travelling through India, China and Tibet to see what technology is doing for these countries. Part 2 of his series, called Hacking the Himalayas, focuses on the Tibetans and how technology is connecting them with their own, and the world. Part 1 was about the nomadic Gaddi, and how immigration, development and technology are changing their culture. Xeni details his adventures in his own blog as well. Amazing stuff.
  • Engrish and Chinglish battle on Flickr for the title of The Most Hilarious Mangling of the English Language (incidentally, Malaysian English is called Manglish).
  • Now why can’t all bookstores look like this? Heck, why can’t ALL bookstores be kids’ bookstores?! Hmm come to think of it I’ve never been to a kids only bookstore!
  • Sometimes, people just run out of things to do during the summer.
  • Today, at a toystore in HELL
  • Who needs reality when you have photoreality
  • Who needs real women when you have photoreal women

What are YOU reading on your RSS feed today?