Good news, guys. I went the extra mile today, literally.

Yesterday, I walked about 1/3rd of a mile. Today, I went the full mile, and then some.

And discovered that crunchy, pebbled, untarred paths are easier on the knees than regular roads. Is that why some parks provide them? I’d always thought it was because of limited budgets.

Must say I feel really psyched. I never liked brisk walking for exercise before (thought it was boring), and had always opted for the gym or dancing (I still prefer dancing but those cost money, which I don’t have). But today, it just felt SOO good to be out there. The sun was just warming up the crisp morning air. Someone had just cut the grass, and I had Massive Attack gently pushing me on. I think I was even smiling a little when I felt the first bead of sweat drop from my face to my arm.

Lokes tells me that I should perhaps try the gym tomorrow but I dunno – I think I’ll stick to the walking for a while.