I have officially run out of things to blog about. That or my mind is a little preoccupied these days with:

1. finishing that damn book. It is seriously slow moving. If not to see how Kate is going to end up and if Aron will really find out his mother is still alive and/or become a minister, I would’ve given it up a long time ago. But I AM FINISHING IT! Good books take effort, right?

2. Leveling my now Level 24 Hunter. Slowwww moving I know.

3. Thinking of new dinner-type dishes. Even though Lokes and the kids don’t really mind eating the same crap every now and then, I think I’m capable of coming up with more choices. Right? Right.

And so, in keeping to my one entry a day (or more) schedule, here are five things I don’t like about being a stay-at-home mom (they shouldn’t be surprising):

1. Cleaning, period. I have this thing about cleaning REALLY dirty stuff. In that I like only to clean when things get really dirty. Like when you can actually FEEL the grime on the soles of your feet when you walk around.

I used to take piano lessons from a neighbour whose mother was religious about cleanliness and hygiene, so much so they never seemed to have many visitors because people were afraid of dirtying the Mak residence. I mean, the woman (my piano teacher’s mother) was most probably suffering from OCD. Whenever my sis and I went over, she would literally be cleaning at our heels, mumbling under her breath about the things we inconsiderate kids drag into other people’s homes and how we, her daughter’s music students, should just stop visiting once and for all. After seven years of piano lessons (I never ‘graduated’), I told myself that I would NEVER clean my house like that because of how miserable she made us feel.

And now that I know how much work is really involved (esp. with two under-five kids), I don’t think I will ever be that clean.

2. Folding the laundry. I don’t mind loading and unloading or even ironing (which my husband can tell you I don’t really do as well, but only because I like to warm up the iron only when I have a lot to iron and get them all at one go) but I truly do hate folding the stuff and putting them back inside their respective little nooks. Which is why our closets and drawers are perpetually in a mess.

3. Doing the dishes. There’s only so much my dishwasher can take, and with two kids (and very few in-between washings), one goes through little bowls and little plates and sippy cups and regular cups and cutlery and sometimes even our ‘guest’ china, at light speed. Suffice to say, our water bill is quite low.

4. Reading the stories. After a full day, I find myself really despising storytimes because firstly, out of the 52 books we have in her room, Rae will only read two. We’ve read them so many times I can recite each one word for word in my sleep.

Secondly, she does so like to interrupt and imagine that she’s IN the story. Now Lokes does all the reading and I, the praying. That, I can handle.

5. Changing bedclothes. Hate it. Since I don’t mark my queens from my kings, I always end up putting the wrong ones on the wrong beds and then have to remove them again.


I only do it once every two months. Sorry if it disgusts you but we often bathe twice a day so we’re not THAT dirty.

So there you go. Mamatulip and Cuddlymama and Atti2de – consider yourselves cordially TAGGED! Zel I know you’re not an SAHM but seeing you’re about to become one (and you guys don’t use a maid), consider this an essay assignment of things to come!