Today, I walked my first morning walk down the river and back (about 2/3rd of a mile).

I woke up at 6am, had my coffee, and at approximately 7.05am, took my first step into a long and what I hope will be a rewarding weight-loss journey.

I haven’t gone and purchased a weighing scale yet but for now, just know that I am a size 20.

Hopefully, a year from now, I will be a size 18 or even a 16, through enough work (with the time I have).

Tomorrow, I’m hoping I can walk over the bridge, across to the other side, and back, which would be approximately a little more than a mile.

I can try.

To this endeavour, I dedicate a new category: Project 12. Size 12, that is. Phew. Eight sizes down. That’s about a hundred pounds, I gather.

Will probably take me a couple of years, or even more.

Important thing is I have a goal, right?

Cheer me on!