Didn’t really have the mood to post anything today. Also didn’t have much to blog about.

Took the girls for storytime at the library today, and then spent the afternoon reading and basking in the love of my babies. They never fail to make me feel loved just when I need it most, especially with their sudden hugs where they sort of throw themselves around my legs. Especially Skyler, who only comes up to my lower thighs. I’ll find her suddenly in between my legs, tripping me up sometimes, and she doesn’t care. She just grabs on for a moment, pressing her little face hard onto my thigh, as if to say, “Here you are, you chubby pasty leg of Mommy! Where DID you go?!”

This is what having a family means. Don’t get me wrong. I love friends. But family = unconditional love.

Thanks for all the kind posts (so glad you’re here, Nis!), they really made me feel all better.

*yawn* Must…finish…Steinbeck…tonight!