…when I think I have the best job in the world.

The girls were having their mid-noon snack of almonds and sunflower seeds (true, I feed them bird food now and then). I was in the kitchen cutting up celery for dinner when in a moment of epiphany, Rae voiced her thoughts.

“Mommy, Daddy and me will go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. You and Mei Mei stay here, okay?”

Chuck E. Cheese is like an indoor playground with video games and the like. She’d seen the ads on TV.

“What about Mei Mei?” I ventured.

“She’s too small,” she said, munching on an almond.

“And what about Mommy then? Why must I stay home?”

She looked at me, chewing, swinging her legs, hair in usual disarray.

As if trying to mince her words.

And then, in a carefully lowered tone, just a little louder than a whisper, my four-year old answered.

“You’re too big, Mommy.”

Another almond in the mouth.

“You’ve got to be MY size!”