I am very flattered to be mentioned (just in passing), by Chantel Williams, contributing editor of Blogher.com in one of her entries about new blogs in the Blogher-sphere.

Thanks to my ‘manager‘ who convinced me to join, even though I’m already on like 52 other blog portals/aggregators. I keep telling him people will come if my writing improves. He thinks if I keep shoving it in people’s faces they will love me.

Do you?

But I’m still not going to the Blogher├é┬áconference.

Come on. I’m a mom to two under-five kids. I’m totally excused from pursuing any of my own interests, particularly those that involve having to attend interstate conferences.

Karli says it best.

Gotta go. Rae is ‘cleaning’ her sister with a paper towel and a hand-fan.