…a super healer named The Cleric.

This was the challenge posed to all the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas in the world.

Warning: Major geek post ahead.

The healer has always been my favourite class to play in any fantasy RPG universe.

In Asheron’s Call, I was the mage-cum-doc. In City of Heroes, I even fashioned a nurse uniform for my healer, complete with a red cross and everything (stupid guys went crazy over that). In WoW, my first and only Level 60 character is a tree-hugging druid. And in DDO, I was a cleric.

Why healing? Because even superheroes – particularly superkids and superdads – need mending! Aside from healing everybody else, I am an asset to my superhero friends.

I am super useful to have around. Call it a complex. I don’t care. I like to be needed.

Now being a healer is not easy. Particularly a superhealer. Besides being needed all the time, healing drains your life force and makes you the weakest member of any family/party. If you’re not careful, you might be the first to go.

Being a superhealer is, of course, not very different from being a mom. Except instead of dealing with cuts and bruises and having to nurse your sick child until his/her fever breaks all night and clean up vomit/wet beds, you just sort of channel your love and life force into healing-cum-cleaning powers through the tips of your fingers.


What’s the diff?

Aaanyway. That’s my superhero wish.

I may already be one, but I sure could use that superhero bod and slinky uniform now.

No cape, please.