“Mommy, do you have your glasses?”

Mommy was too busy killing raptors, so without asking why, she answered, “Yes, I do.”

Five minutes later, Raeven hands Mommy a drawing:


“Mommy. Can you draw a vagina and backside?”

Raptors be damned. Mommy logs off and stiffles a fit of giggles threatening to boil over.

“No babe, I don’t think I know how to?”

Raeven looks at a drawing of herself.

“But I need a vagina and backside, mommy.”

Mommy decides to fulfill her request by drawing an inconspicuous something at the appropriate region:


Raeven takes the now completed drawing and stares at it.

“I don’t have any panties, Mommy. I will weewee on people’s floor!!!”


Which game in God’s green earth is better than this?