Last night was probably the most miserable night in my ENTIRE life.

First, Lokes isn’t around.

Secondly, it was SO FUCKING HOT my computer actually gave up. And that is really a VERY lowpoint for me seeing how I NEED my reading and blogging and gaming at the end of the day after the girls go to sleep so IT WAS NOT COOL AT ALL.

And THIRDLY, I had to sleep in the nude. And let me tell ya, for all the romantic notions people have about women who sleep naked, it’s not really the most comfortable situation to be in. I took four baths and yet I was sweating because the heat managed to carry on to the late hours of night, and even the breeze was hot WHEN there was one. I kept standing (lights off, fortunately for my neighbours) at the windows, WISHING for wind.

Irony is I come from Malaysia, where it’s hot and humid all year round. And yet, yesterday, for the first time in my life, I wanted to tear my skin out.

To top it all off, Skyler wasn’t sleeping well either. She was squirming and whining all night and a few times, I had to pick her up and spray water on her naked back (yup, both of them slept semi-naked as well, only with pants and in Sky’s case, diapers) and face and hands and legs to cool her down. And each of them had fans blowing directly at them. It sounded like an industrial kitchen in their room.

There’s no doubt about it. When Lokes comes back (from FLORIDA!), he will make a trip straight to the air con, urm, store. Anyone recommend a good brand/model?