I never used to like facial hair.

Not on me, and not on my men.

Of course, that was before I fell in love with Lokes. Moustache, goatee and all.

And while I’ve always thought that perhaps it was his sense of humour that made me overlook the prickly sensation when he kissed me, I’m not so sure now. Because looking at Datuk K, I am now wondering if I’ve had it for moustaches all along.

You go, Siti!

And facial hair is a dicey thing. It does not look good on everybody. I mean, look at Michael Jackson, for cryin’ out loud.

Facial hair is like a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Not everyone can carry one off. I mean, even MJ would’ve looked less fake with a fake LV bag than his sorry-ass tattooed on hair. Look at him!

But on Prince or like Heath Ledger. Or even old Al?


And of all the men I love with facial hair, I love him the most.

Not everyone can carry it, I tell ya.


But this guy can.