1. Borat: Possibly the funniest trailer of a comedy out there today.
  2. The US vs. John Lennon
  3. Who killed the electric car?
  4. The Prestige
  5. Charlotte’s Web

Who’s with me?

Adding another five!

  1. Wordplay
  2. Clean: Maggie Cheung plays a drug addict/singer. Poignant.
  3. Once in a Life Time
  4. The Namesake: May be one of the most meaningful movies this year. Definitely a must-watch.
  5. The Oh in Ohio: Paul Rudd in a beard is soooo sexy!

You can see what I’ve been doing the last two days. Just want to chill while Lokes is still around (he’s going off for a week on Monday).

And by watching the MOVIE, I mean watching the DVD version of course.

Unless Skyler can sleep through two hours of surround sound.

Maybe I should give it a try…