Okay, I let slip a little how much of a Star Trek fan I am. Was. Am.

Annnyyyway, got my tools all set. My second-hand Logitech mike arrived in the mail today. Recorded my first intro which you can hear on the little player there on the right. My friend Cuddlymama and I will be producing, editing and hosting the podcasts, the content of which will be 21st century- semi-techie-parenting-centric-mixed-with-good-indie-tunes-sortof. Call it an exchange of ideas between Asian and Western young parents. Am hoping to drag some of my American/Canadian mommy blogger pals in as well – Karli? Mamatulip? Tracey? Are you reading this?

We haven’t really thought of a name yet for the Podcast itself, so it’s just called The I’mPerfect Mom podcast for the time being. Suggestions?

Anyway, to listen, simply click the player. Or here (MP3 file).